I’m absolutely, completely, 100% done with white enterprises (this is a catalog photo from Brandy Melville [the whitest clothing on earth]) and white people exploiting culture that they don’t know, again. 

A short definition before you keep reading. Gangsta rap: is a subgenre of hip hop music that implies/speaks of the culture and lifestyle of a gangster, or urban violence/crime relating to gang/hood activity; characterized by heavy bass beats and angry lyrics.

First of all, the line “Gangsta rap made me do it” is from a song Ice Cube released in 2008, called Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It. Which probably .5% of the demographic buying merchandise with this phrase, specifically young white girls, even know that its from that song. In addition, the lyrics are a complete satire on how the white power structure i.e. media, government, society, exploit ‘gangsta rap’ as the cause for societal ‘urban’ problems. Especially problems relating to poverty, violence, etc. Funnily enough, those problems tend to effect black, latino, essentially MINORITY communities, where hip hop/rap originate from. Now why would the white power structure want to blame everything on gangsta rap? Because it essentially let’s them off the hook from ever creating the circumstances where gangsta rap grew from.  Circumstances such as the crack epidemic in the 70s, racism, ineffective education, police brutality (which has admittedly gotten better [at least in LAPD] since it’s infamy during the 80s-90s), and any other systematic failures that have, by white society’s opinion, reduced the black/minority community to the creators of their own decline. Which we all know isn’t true i.e. slavery.

Now if you take this idea, even without considering the lyrics from the song:

If I sell a little crack ain’t nothin’ to it

Gangsta rap made me do it
If I die in Iraq ain’t nothin’ to it
Gangsta rap made me do it

If I take you for granted ain’t nothin’ to it
Gangsta rap made me do it
If I fuck up the planet ain’t nothin’ to it
Gangsta rap made me do it

(which cheekily shows how ridiculous it is to use gangsta rap as an excuse)

Simply examining the phrase alone, what is the assumption that it is okay for masses of (mainly white: based on the consumer base of places such as brandy melville, urban outfitters, etc.) people to wear such ignorance when the shirt implies that because the “thug” influence of “gangsta rap” allows any ol’ white person to justify any action. For arguments sake, how about the Michael Dunn trial closed in Florida, which all started when Dunn allegedly stated that he didn’t like the “rap crap” that some young black kids were playing in their car. It is understood that because of this reasoning and a short dispute of lowering the music, Dunn fired shots on the youths, leaving another young black man dead. I mean, what can Michael Dunn do if gangsta rap made him do it, right?

It is obvious how ridiculous the appropriation of the phrase is when a young white girl is buying this beanie/shirt/iphone case and wearing it with a pride because it makes her feel a little dangerous and ‘hood’. Basically the phrase is being taken out of context.  The meaning changes when a mainly white consumer base sports this phrase without understanding what they are truly wearing.  White appropriation twists the criticism of the music industry that Ice Cube himself was a part of that allowed the exploration of ghetto circumstances as entertainment, although when he was coming up and rapping about his experience, it was authentic. When white appropriation obliviously wears this it let’s them off the hook and trivializes the realities that Ice Cube was being critical of.  

 These are the google results for ‘gangsta rap made me do it’ if you don’t believe me.


frustrations with america (college edt.)

I am staying in Scandinavia right now, in Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been meeting artists and young people here and it’s so fucking crazy, no one has to pay for college here. (Or health care.) People can literally go to art school, to study ART!!!, for free. 

So Denmark is a social democracy that still maintains it’s royal family. Yes, the people have really high taxes, but the average income and education level amongst the population is super high compared to the States. 

But having met people here that are or have been college educated for FREE, I see how this has created future possible opportunities for them, simply by not giving them the nightmare of college debt. In addition, college students receive a monthly check for attending college because a) since they have decided to attend college, they are improving the intellect of the population b) gov. realizes that they shouldn’t work but should be supported in their studies. (Yes this does create a cushion-y environment that supports a “lazy/entitled young population” (Danes have told me this), but that is beside the point, since in general these kids get it together to be productive. I’ve also had Danes tell me that they sometimes think that the American system is better because the pressure of actually paying for college motivates students more, but I counter that with the fact that this more often discourages college pursuits or at the end of 4 years, swallows up potential because of the need for survival. True story.)

I am of the American generation of students that is going to face a globalized job market that doesn’t provide a safety net to actually pay off college debt. Damn, 50 years ago a high school diploma was enough to support your family (arguable because of race politics, but still), and even 20 years ago you could simply have a BA and get a good job. Not a decent one, a good one. Private and federal loan payments kick in 6 months after graduation because before that was enough time to find a job that would start a persons career and pay that bill on time. Not just creating a job history, but a career. Now, it’s not enough fucking time because of the economy, but the system hasn’t changed because capitalism wins always. So it brings into question, is college even fucking worth it. Because honestly, imagining have 150,000 hanging over my head, with interest!, makes me want to scream. And what’s most painful about this is that I want to go to college. I want it so bad. And I want the opportunity for so many others, fuuuucucuiklg aeiurfgdkzjfhsidugakjsdfgaoeygszdfgeiufgaoiudgyrt